Sunday, July 31, 2011

13,14&15/655 - Lasagne (with home-made pasta & bolognese sauce)

It was Jules's choice for dinner tonight and as expected he requested lasagne, his all-time favourite food.

I added some pan fried grated carrot seasoned with nutmeg to the b├ęchamel sauce layer (with Jules's approval of course!). The home-made pasta was spot on tonight (hooray) and the beautiful parmigiano that we picked up recently topped the dish off nicely.

Everybody came back for seconds.


  1. My most-used recipe from the Cooks Companion, the yummiest lasagne recipe EVER! I think it's the celery and the pancetta in the sauce that just gives it so much flavour. Yum Yum YUMMMM :)

  2. I agree - I must have made this 50 times and it is fabulous every time!

  3. This one absolutely made my (and Lina's) mouth water... looks absolutely smashing!

  4. Thanks Dave (and Lina)! This one is definitely the crowd favourite.