Wednesday, January 16, 2013

225/984 - Thai rose-petal and cucumber salad

Degustation course number three...

I was intrigued by the inclusion of rose petals in this salad and couldn't wait to make and eat it. On our trip to the Queen Vic market we stopped to pick the perfect little bunch of red roses for the table and for dinner!

This salad was strategically placed near the beginning of the meal so that my guests could continue to snack on it in between courses. I put it together at the last minute, heading back to the table to select the rose that would finish this pretty masterpiece. I wasn't alone in my fascination, my guests appreciated the drama of the moment too!

I am aware that eating flowers is not a new thing. I have certainly eaten flowers before myself, including lovely dried rose petals, but this is the first time I had eaten rose petals fresh, and certainly the first time I had included them in a recipe straight from the dinner table centrepiece.  

The salad was more popular than expected! The freshness of the cucumber was obviously appreciated in between my other, slightly heavier, dishes. By the end of the meal the plate had been wiped clean. I was almost certain I would have at least a small serve left over for my lunch the next day. 

Not a bad thing to be wrong about really. 

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