Saturday, May 11, 2013

255/984 - Pumpkin and bacon soup

I had the most surreal experience on the train the other day!

There was a man sitting beside me who I believe had delayed Echolalia. A person with delayed Echolalia will repeat things such as ads, sections of movies, conversations or interactions, and in my limited experience of this condition, the voices and sounds that are being repeated can be quite accurate. I know somebody very well who experiences this condition and it has always fascinated me, which is why I was quite tuned in to this man's mutterings. 

As I was listening, I was quite surprised to hear him say over and over, "No worries mate!" in EXACTLY the voice and accent of a beautiful old friend of mine. My friend's accent is quite unique, as he has spent some time overseas, and being an actor he is also quite beautifully spoken. 

Having heard my friend's voice come out of this man's mouth I was convinced that they must have recently interacted, and I turned around to find my gorgeous friend standing two feet away. I was absolutely blown away by this experience, and also this man's talent for imitating my friend!

This was a very long winded (but I still think fascinating!) way of sharing that I caught up with a friend that is very dear to me, and invited him and his new(ish) partner over for a mid-week dinner. As well as a home-made lasagne, and a very successful honey-oat bread, I made this beautiful pumpkin and bacon soup.

Flavoured with bacon bones and beautiful herbs and spices, this soup also included a tablespoon of paprika. I really should have thought twice before adding the entire tablespoon, given that my paprika is Spanish and has the word "picante" splashed across the front of the tin. You had better believe that when it's Spanish and it says picante, it's going to pack a punch.

Poor Jules was telling me the soup was spicy and I didn't believe him until I took a mouthful and remembered the paprika. Lucky my guests liked it hot!

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