Sunday, October 13, 2013

291/984 - Poached eggs with yoghurt and garlic sauce

Another gorgeous breakfast recipe!

I found this buried in the yoghurt chapter and actually started the preparation yesterday when I put the yoghurt in a sieve lined with muslin to allow it to drain. The chooks were happy because I fed them the juice; they were in heaven, dipping their little beaks in to the container and shaking milky white drips all over the place. 

This morning the garlic and salt were pounded in the mortar and pestle and then mixed with chives and my lovely drained, thick yoghurt. Once the eggs were poached and laid on thick globs of yoghurt mixture, the butter was heated until bubbling and along with some parsley, was tipped over the top to finish.

My goodness, what a beautiful combination! The yoghurt gave each mouthful a wonderful creamy texture and the burnt butter added the most amazing flavour. I smell like raw garlic now (my apologies to the ladies I am catching up with today!) but it was well worth it. Loved by the whole family and even the little guest we had staying with us. 

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