Monday, December 26, 2016

541/1038 - Vegetable stock

I have some guilt regarding the number of recipes I have not cooked in recent times. In the first year of this challenge, an average of fourteen recipes were tested and blogged each month and this figure has dwindled to just three this year. I suppose it was inevitable that my energy would wane over time and an increased interest in a certain little catering business* has certainly exacerbated this issue. Given that we are more than five years into the challenge I do take some comfort in the fact that there is yet to be a month that I haven't blogged at least one recipe. 

This month it was all about vegetable stock. There are five stock recipes in The Cook's Companion; chicken, vegetable, fish, veal and rabbit. Reading back through my posts, I am reminded that it took three years for me to make my first stock (chicken) and now another two to whip up my second. Clearly home made stock is not a priority in my house!

This stock was served as a soup with black bean noodles and a medley of lightly steamed vegetables. Such a healthy and incredibly tasty dinner. 

Given my love of cooking, it is generally assumed that I cook everything from scratch. While this is true for most things, I just can't seem to get around to keeping enough homemade stock on hand to satisfy my cooking requirements. Having said that, this vegetable stock was so ridiculously tasty it has almost convinced me to ditch the premade stuff and add stock to the list of things I make myself. 

Almost, but not quite. 

*a Fork for your Oyster is my newish baby for anybody who is wondering! x

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