Monday, February 27, 2017

547/1038 - Ritsa's Greek country salad

Undertaking a cookbook challenge which spans three editions can be, well, challenging. Each time I upgraded, I spent some time updating my complicated spreadsheet (yes, I was in heaven!). As well as brand new recipes, there were a few recipes which had been replaced/upgraded. In each instance I made the decision that if the change was significant I would add it to the challenge. Mad, I know. 

So this is the execution of Greek salad 2.0 aka Ritsa's Greek country salad.

I decided that my boy needed some time in the kitchen and so he was largely responsible for this salad, with me acting as his sous chef. I think our favourite part of the preparation was squeezing the tomato juice over the salad. Getting hands dirty in the kitchen is most welcome here! 

With the absence of green pepper and red onion noticable in my kitchen, I replaced them with a red pepper and spring onion. 

Still delicious x
My boy doing his thing

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