Friday, April 14, 2017

558/1038 - Yoghurt and pistachio cake with rosewater ice-cream

This cake is fabulous!!

It's a shame this picture doesn't accurately capture the gentle "green-ness" of this lovely little pistachio flavoured dessert. Such a simple cake to make and the egg white (which I clearly didn't blend completely!) lifted the cake to a lightness which saw each mouthful dissolving as it was eaten. 

We ate this cake with friends at the end of another fabulous dinner party. Trev made the ice-cream and I asked his permission to add some rosewater to the mixture, knowing it would work beautifully with the pistachio. It may seem odd that I asked permission but I firmly believe in respecting other people's kitchen endeavours. You just don't outsource the ice-cream making and then play with the flavour willy-nilly! 

The rosewater was an inspired addition and of course I couldn't help adding just a drop or two of pink food colouring to the mix. Pretty, no? 

I have said it before but will say it again. If you don't have this book, you simply MUST rush out and buy it. So many fabulous recipes and this was yet another one that I can't wait to make again x


  1. Is this pistachio cake recipe in Stephanie's most recent update? If so, would you consider sharing the recipe?! Both the pistachio cake and blush pink rosewater ice-cream look and sound utterly delicious. Perfect dessert for this time of year.

  2. Hi there - it is in all three versions! In the yoghurt chapter x

  3. ...and the ice-cream was fabulous! Just home-made vanilla ice-cream with a dash of rosewater and pink food colouring x