Sunday, July 8, 2018

611/1038 - Sugar-coated grilled fish

Sometimes it's the simple things in life...

It has been a lovely slow week in our house with all four of us being on holidays at the same time. As such, there has been plenty of cooking going on (including many, many bagels!) and today will be no exception with more bagels (because I have teenagers) and perhaps a cake to munch on as we enjoy our final day of freedom together. 

We like fish in our house but only if it has a good amount of flavour; bland seafood definitely doesn't cut it with my family. It is slightly embarrassing, but I am not 100% sure what type of fish this was. An educated guess tells me it would have been monkfish which is lovely and one of our very favourites.

Of course including a sugar and citrus coating was always going to create an interesting flavour to our meal, but I think we were all blown away with just how much we enjoyed it. Probably not a recipe to do too often if you are watching your sugar intake but definitely a wonderful treat.

Simple recipes like this one might not excite my readers as much as fancy French desserts, but for me every recipe I make is exciting and one step closer to completing possibly the biggest task I have ever set for myself. I find myself amused that I am in the midst of completing a double degree and even that is likely to be finished in less than half the time that this challenge will take.

Let the next milestone approach...

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