Wednesday, January 15, 2014

306/984 - Elizabeth Schneider's steamed garlic chives with ginger

This crazy weather has been very kind to our herb and vegetable gardens. With loads of rain and sun, we have lovely fresh produce bursting out of our little garden beds. In fact the garlic chives have grown so big I thought it was high time I entered the chive chapter! 

Trev kindly cooked the chicken breasts on the barbecue while I tied the garlic chives into little bundles and put them on to steam. I absolutely love the way these smell and am still aware of the aroma lingering on my hands after grappling with the knots on my little bundles. 

The sauce was lovely and simple, made up of fresh ginger, butter and a dash of soy. Conscious of not consuming too much butter, I divided this recipe by three and found the amount to be fabulous for my family of four. 

Served with steamed vegetables, this meal was light enough for a hot day with just enough sauce to make it feel lovely and decadent. 

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