Friday, March 4, 2016

505/1038 - Quinoa with roast cauliflower

The reaction to dinner tonight went from, "What do you mean we're having cauliflower for dinner?" to, "Goodness, this cauliflower is fabulous!"

I almost didn't make this as I had everything except the goats cheese and I knew the flavour just wouldn't be interesting enough without it. Enter Greek yoghurt and lemon! Mixed with chopped fresh garlic, chives and toasted pine nuts, this was the perfect finish to what was already a lovely mixture of flavourful cauli and quinoa. 

We all nibbled on bits and pieces after dinner, but after a fairly big week of eating this was almost enough to satisfy the four of us. 

LOVED the Greek yoghurt and lemon as a way to lift the flavour; I will be using that one again! x

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