Friday, March 18, 2016

507/1038 - Bread-and-butter pudding

It's "clear out the fridge and pantry" time in my house, and this fabulous dessert was one of the outputs of this productive endeavour. 

If we are going to nitpick, the truth is that my execution technically turned out a cake-and-butter pudding rather than a bread-and-butter pudding...but really, sultana brioche (which is the "bread" listed in the recipe) is practically cake too, so I am calling this the same thing.

My mum made a sultana cake the other day and my stepfather deemed it too dry and wouldn't eat it. This was good news for me as it meant she had plenty to give away!

Apart from the brioche/cake substitute, the only changes I made to this recipe was to substitute all sugar for coconut sugar and to use vanilla paste instead of extract.

While it looks like you have WAY too much liquid when this goes in the oven, I promise it all turns into a thick and lovely custard.

This was yum, yum, yum. Amusingly, the boys turned up their noses at the title of the recipe, but of course loved the taste.

...and now my fridge/pantry is devoid of cream and cake. Win, win, win! 

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