Monday, April 4, 2016

508/1038 - Falafel

My little family undertook some wonderful travelling over the last couple of weeks and of course that means my cooking came to a standstill! 

We spent ten days in Japan, exploring the cities and of course partaking in the fabulous food which was on offer. The most incredible experiences were to be found at the three markets we visited; Nishiki market in Kyoto, Kuromon Ichiba in Osaka and Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo.

Market food in Japan
Although we enjoyed Japanese food very much, we ate out the entire time we were away and so were craving fresh vegetables on our return! Falafel with some home-made flatbreads and fresh carrot and cucumber hit the spot for us last night, the falafel of course full of wonderful fresh herbs from the garden. As usual I used Vietnamese mint instead of coriander and am pleased to say that it worked very well indeed. The trick is to use just a little less as the flavour of the mint can be quite strong.

My youngest had a little guest over for dinner last night and when I told him we would be spreading hummus on the flatbread, he exclaimed, "Chickpea on chickpea!". I was impressed that a boy of 11 would know what both hummus and falafel were made of! 

Even after ten days of eating incredible food, I was pleased that my family were still very complimentary about my cooking. 

Phew! x

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