Tuesday, April 12, 2016

512/1038 - Angela's Chelsea butter buns

These butter buns were a bit too quick and easy to make; a waist expanding recipe if ever I saw one! 

Interestingly, my little one does not much care for dried fruit but he loved these buns. To be honest I am also not big on dried fruit when served on its own but I could definitely eat these ad infinitum. 

The wonderful thing about this recipe is that there is no need for kneading or proving and yet the dough comes out wonderfully firm and crisp. 

We ate these a couple of nights running for dessert, two of us preferring them plain and two enjoying them slathered in cream. I adore cream but just couldn't bring myself to mess with the perfection that was the flavour of these buns! 

Every family member has requested that I repeat this recipe regularly and I am happy to oblige given the excitement they created. I confess I have no idea how I am going to restrain myself and might have to impose a one-a-day bun limit...which of course I expect to break on a regular basis x

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