Thursday, April 7, 2016

510/1038 - Takoyaki with tempura batter

Japanese food; my new obsession! 

Kuromon Ichiba was the number one place I wanted to visit on our recent visit to Osaka. As we entered the market, the very first thing we stumbled upon was a stall making and serving octopus balls, or takoyaki. Soft on the outside and with a crispy outer skin, they are absolutely wonderful and incredibly moreish! To be honest I think we could have quite happily sat all day and eaten these lovely little things. 

Of course I was keen to try them out in my own kitchen as soon as we got home and I snaffled my Mum's antique cast iron gem scone tray, which I thought would be a great substitute for a proper takoyaki tray. I won't outline everything that didn't quite work as it should have; suffice to say, these are the only two balls I produced. After these two (and a couple of burnt fingers) I decided to make what my husband called, "deconstructed takoyaki". 

Essentially this means that I tipped the entire dough mix and fillings (boiled octopus, spring onions, pickled ginger and many tiny pieces of tempura batter) into the fry pan and stirred it around until it broke up and became many tiny little pieces of takoyaki! It was quite delicious, but definitely not as photogenic as these two little beauties x

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