Thursday, April 28, 2016

517/1038 - Michael's turnip dumplings

I do love it when several recipes are able to be combined. This little concoction was made up of turnip dumplings (obviously!), pumpkin soup, slow-cooked shallots and baby spinach. Leftovers are definitely not all bad! 

I do think turnips have a bad reputation. When I told my brother I was making these, his amusing response was, "Oh, so people actually eat turnips?"

My husband and I loved these, but the reactions from my children did amuse. My eldest claimed they were "disgusting", but I am fairly sure this was based on his mood (and lack of love for me) at the time. His empty plate provides further weight to this argument. The little one did like them, but was very disappointed that the dumplings did not look anything like the gyoza he was expecting. A note for next time to share information regarding the various types of dumplings that exist! 

I am batting slightly above my average this month, this being recipe number ten for April. At this cracking rate, I will be finished as early as 2020.

Goodness x

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