Tuesday, April 19, 2016

515/1038 - Basil butter

Basil butter; a great way to use up a herb that would have otherwise gone limp and been fed to the chooks. Not deliberately of course, but it's what so often happens to my store bought herbs when I don't have a plan for the whole bunch! 

We first ate this fabulously green butter on steaks, fresh off the barbecue. I didn't photograph that instance because we had people over for dinner and to be honest I prefer not to get the camera out in front of people unless it is absolutely necessary.

This afternoon my eldest was searching for a way to fill his stomach and I whipped up this little snack for him; home made toast smeared with basil butter and topped with lovely Roma tomatoes. I am not always mother of the year, but was very popular on this occasion! 

If you are a regular sandwich maker like me, you probably noticed my very efficient laying of the tomato slices. I love this trick of slicing circles (of anything!) and laying the flat side to the edges so that the entire piece of bread is covered. As somebody who butters bread/toast meticulously to the edges, discovering this method has provided me with much satisfaction over the years. 

You hadn't heard of that method you say? You're very welcome x

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