Wednesday, April 6, 2016

509/1038 - Cucumber, lime and mint agua fresca

I have been taking a look at my challenge stats lately and was surprised to find that the last time I completed a chapter was back in October. 

This prompted me to have a look at the sixteen chapters which are all on the brink of completion and I decided that this recipe, literally 'fresh water' in Spanish, was the easiest one to tick off the list. 

We had everything on hand except the limes, which was remedied by a quick visit to the local shops. Halving the recipe meant that we only ended up with a couple of glasses worth, but that was plenty given that after quite a close-quartered family holiday, our children had disappeared to the far corners of our property. 

I really liked this drink, my husband was not so sure. The only thing I struggled with (because I am the waste queen) was what to do with the strained vegetables. Whilst I could have given them to the chooks, I decided that would be too easy. I decided instead to include them in the dumplings I was making for dinner, which ended up being a concoction of vegetables, sauces, spices and cheese. Yes, cheese! Seriously, don't knock it until you have tried it.

As well as being refreshed by my lovely agua fresca, I am also pleased to report the completion of chapter number thirteen, mint.

Officially 10% of chapters wrapped up x

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