Sunday, April 17, 2016

514/1038 - Tomato tarte tatin

This absolutely gorgeous looking tart was the highlight of last night's dinner. 

Given the ingredient list, it was fairly obvious this one was going to be good; the shallots slow cooked in red wine and port, and the tomatoes pre-baked with basil and oil.

I was ever so slightly concerned that I had not taken the caramel topping far enough, but decided that even if it remained a little runny, the taste would still be sensational.

Not having foil pie tins, I simply lined my mini pie dishes with foil to allow for easy displacement of the completed tarts. As the topping and pastry circles came out of the oven ready for assembly, I reaffirmed to myself one of the (many) reasons I would never apply to be a MasterChef contestant. Everything worked out perfectly in the end, but let's just say it would not have been appropriate for young children's ears to have been in my kitchen as the assembly was undertaken. A decent cook I am, Pollyanna I am not. 

My potty mouth aside, the sweetness of these tarts had us all begging for more and my husband has already requested a repeat performance for tomorrow night's dinner. 

Win x

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