Friday, April 22, 2016

516/1038 - Olive oil and dessert wine cake

I thought I was pretty clever a few weeks ago; buying myself a beautiful looking bottle of French wine that I thought would satisfy my craving for a crisp glass of white. I will admit that I didn't really take too much notice of the variety, thinking that no matter what it was I was bound to like it. 

I like to drink my white with a few ice cubes in it, both to cool it down and also to dilute it ever so slightly. Imagine my surprise when I took my first sip and discovered that it was, in fact a VERY sweet wine. The colour threw me, being quite pale and not at all what I would expect from a sticky variety. 

...and this is where I went wrong for the second time! I thought I would use up as much of this wine as I could in this recipe...only to find as I was pouring it into the bowl that it was not a sticky at all; simply a very, very sweet, but quite light white. Whoops.

I decided to continue on and make the cake anyway. Unfortunately this meant that the cake ended up tasting OK, but perhaps a little bland. Of course I found a way to make it wonderful, covering it in cream, sugar and slivered almonds.

Cake (and reputation) saved x 

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