Sunday, April 10, 2016

511/1038 - Twice-cooked wallaby shanks with young ginger

We have started to frequent the Vic Market on a more regular basis again and this lovely dish was one of the best outcomes of this week's visit.  

We bought the wallaby shanks at The Chicken Pantry which is located in the deli section and is home to all sorts of wonderful meats including venison, kangaroo and possum. Yes, possum! We didn't partake in possum this week but have not ruled out trying it in the near future. 

This dish was on the menu for last night's dinner but of course once I realised the shanks needed to be marinated for four hours and then cooked for another few I realised I had left my start too late. 

After an unexpected sleep-in this morning (hooray for me!), I had the shanks prepared and marinating before eleven am. The marinade smelled divine and my youngest was asking if he could dip his finger in to have a taste. Given that it was quite alcoholic I didn't let him, but I could see where he was coming from! 

After a LONG time marinating, it was into the bamboo steamer for three and a half hours until the meat was falling from the bone. Just to up the wow factor, the meat was then deep fried and my, did it taste good! 

Served with a dense, syrupy juice, Vietnamese mint, spring onion and a good squeeze of lime, this one knocked our taste buds out of the park. 

Oh and that's another chapter finished. On a serious roll here x

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