Monday, May 2, 2016

519/1038 - Jamaican rice and 'peas' (and a halfway mark milestone!)

Well here we are at the halfway mark! I think it is worth stopping for a moment and celebrating the fact that this ridiculously fun hobby has reached its midpoint. As exciting as this is, it makes me just a little bit sad; in some ways I never want this crazy challenge to end. 

This dish was a part of our little dinner party on Saturday night and as we speak, the leftovers are being turned into a lovely rice, black-eyed pea and prawn soup. The only additional ingredients required were green beans, stock, prawns and a dash of soy sauce for added flavour.

We liked the original version and loved the upgrade. It's always fun to play around with a recipe and see what else it can do! 

So there it is folks; the top of the mountain. Look forward to keeping you all on board as we head down the other side x

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