Saturday, May 28, 2016

520/1038 - Country rabbit in a claypot

For the past four weeks or so, my youngest and I have been heading out in the wee hours of a Friday morning to the Queen Victoria market. It is such a lovely quiet time to shop and we very much enjoy the time we spend together browsing the aisles. The 5:30am wake up is certainly a shock to the system though and I do wonder how we will cope as the weather gets increasingly colder. 

Last week's market adventure brought us a lovely little rabbit which I turned into country rabbit in a claypot. The rabbit was quite small, some 500 grams, and so I made a soup for entrĂ©e to ensure our bellies would be full after what would otherwise have been quite a light meal. 

Gamey meat with bacon added in for extra flavour; this dish definitely has my vote x

Our little rabbit, fresh from the market 

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