Monday, October 30, 2017

584/1038 - Black satin duck with egg noodles

Keeping up with this challenge continues to be challenging! 

My little catering business has been going gangbusters and yesterday turned out to be the absolute highlight of my new career to date.

A few months back, I decided it was time to begin hosting my own events. Not only would events create an opportunity to connect with my clients in a different way and showcase items from my catering menu, they would also enable me to utilise my currently dormant project management skills. Most of all, having command of every aspect of an event plays very well to my control freak tendencies. I quite comfortably embrace my inner control freak, knowing that it is generally used for good rather than evil. 

Announcing the first event was a nerve-wracking experience. Thankfully, the bookings rolled in and yesterday saw fifty five beautiful souls fill a room and enjoy my food. By far, the best outcome from the day was the good that was generated in the form of 60 lunch packs a Fork for your Oyster will be donating to people sleeping rough on the streets of Melbourne. A result I and my wonderful guests are very proud of. 

This duck recipe actually happened a couple of weeks ago, before madness struck. As I attempt to cast my weary mind back to this recipe, I am reminded of an incredibly flavoursome meal, which was much easier to put together than I had imagined it would be. 

I will be honest and admit that I forgot to add the flavouring to the noodles. It mattered not. The flavoured 'gel' encasing the duck was easily stirred through the noodles and the result was wonderful. 

Another one to love x

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