Saturday, June 9, 2012

169/656 - Yabby bisque

Keen not to waste the enormous pile of heads and claws that were left over after our yabby lunch, I thought I would whip up this bisque tonight not quite anticipating how long it would take! 

The step that fascinated me was the crushing of the cooked heads and shells in the food processor. Once processed I was left with a pile of yabby mush that looked a bit like canned tuna. Obviously this mush was sieved from the final soup and I can not wait to watch my chickens go crazy when I serve it up to them for breakfast. 

I did not add any cream to the bisque, deciding instead to serve the soup as is, with the addition of some chunky claw meat. The soup was really lovely; pure liquid yabby, but beautifully enhanced. 

Now if only I could go to bed and ignore the war zone that is my kitchen... 

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