Sunday, June 10, 2012

170/656 - Sardines in vine leaves

I am a very tactile cook. I like recipes that require me to be up to my armpits in things gooey or sticky, or even things that are downright disgusting. So I was happier than a pig in the proverbial today, standing over the sink covered in sardine guts.  

Given that a picture of my fish cleaning skills would turn many people off coming back to my blog, I opted instead for a progress picture of my lovely sardines once they had been stuffed with coriander, pine nuts and garlic, but before they had been neatly rolled in vine leaves. 

I thought myself quite clever, not needing to use toothpicks to secure my little parcels. I have made dolmades so many times I am now adept at turning any little morsel and a vine leaf into a tightly packed  cigar.  

I was not expecting much from this recipe. I like sardines and I like vine leaves but I was completely blown away by how fabulously tasty these little parcels were! I took the plate upstairs and demanded that my boys try at least one each and I loved the fact that Henry chased me downstairs wanting more! 

I can definitely see this becoming a favourite little entrĂ©e of mine, because I love a dish that can be prepared in advance and has a grilling time of less than 10 minutes. 

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