Saturday, June 9, 2012

168/656 - Yabbies with Thai-style dipping sauce

The boys and I went on a trek down Victoria Street in Richmond on Thursday in search of a crayfish for our dinner. Unfortunately the best we could find was a half-dead specimen floating lethargically in an otherwise empty tank.  

Undeterred and keen for a crustacean meal, I headed in to the Queen Victoria Market on Friday. I was tickled pink when I came across a lovely pile of freshly cooked yabbies at my favourite seafood stall and proceeded to buy almost all that they had. 

Being a long weekend and having a crazy amount of cooking already planned, I decided we would eat our little yabbies as naturally as possible. I made this Thai-style dipping sauce to go with our tasty, shell-cracking lunch. The sauce only took around 2 minutes to make which was handy given how long it took us to fish all of the lovely yabby meat out of the shells. 

Like Stephanie I cannot bear to waste good food (or good scraps!), and so stay tuned for a lovely yabby bisque coming later today.

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