Thursday, May 31, 2012

167/656 - Potato frittata

Things have slowed down somewhat in the Cook's Companion Challenge kitchen.

No longer churning out recipes by the truckload, I seem to have hit an unexpected slow patch. I have decided to run with this new languid pace for a while, holding myself to only one recipe per week. Given this distinct lack of recent achievement I am currently patting myself on the back for achieving two posts over the last two days!

I made a very clever decision to photograph this little frittata BEFORE I flipped it tonight, thinking that the other side might not be quite as attractive. I was absolutely right! The frittata tasted wonderful, full of fresh tasting parsley, spinach and chives, but was a little lacking in attractiveness once flipped.

Being the slowest cook on the planet I was pleased that I made this in record time...even if I did have to put Trev on meat and veg duty to make it happen. 

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