Wednesday, May 2, 2012

157&158/656 - Osso Buco & Gremolata

Osso Buco and Gremolata. What a lovely Italian meal they make!  

Many years ago I ordered Osso Buco at an Italian restaurant and was served a plate of quite tasteless, tough meat. After that experience I found myself looking at people strangely when they ordered this dish, wondering why on earth they would want to eat such a horrible meal. Only a few months ago I had my second experience of Osso Buco at my friend Lydia's house. Her version was absolutely wonderful and I finally understood what all the fuss was about!  

So tonight I ate my third Osso Buco and thanks to Stephanie's guidance, it was superb. The meat was so tender it fell off the bone as I was serving it up and we absolutely loved the sauce which was course enhanced by the lovely fresh gremolata. 

Thanks to Lydia and Stephanie, I am now officially an Osso Buco convert. 


  1. Too kind Kate! Bet your version is even more delicious!!

  2. It was as good as yours of which I was very proud x