Tuesday, May 15, 2012

164/656 - Labna - yoghurt cheese

It may look simple but this recipe has been more than a few days in the making!

Labna is simply yoghurt that has been drained of excess fluid and rolled into lovely little cheesy balls. I used Greek yoghurt and found that I needed to hang it in muslin for a couple of extra days as it was still a bit wet in the centre after only two. It doesn't appear to have done my little labna any harm, and the balls are still soaking in oil, garlic and rosemary which means the flavour has been getting stronger and tastier each day. 

The labna balls have turned out to be a great little snack to have in the fridge, but I am also thinking they would be a lovely addition to a cheese platter or as an extra little bit of protein on the dinner plate alongside some roast lamb.   


  1. Our local cafe smears labne on turkish bread with poached eggs and dukkah, oh my it's a delicious breakfast!