Tuesday, May 1, 2012

156/656 - Salsa of mixed peppers

What a lovely simple way to make fish taste great!   

This little salsa of peppers was chopped up and left to marinate, or as Stephanie says, it was left to "mellow". I like this turn of phrase and think I may use it both in and out of the kitchen. "Boys can you please be like the salsa and go and mellow for 30 minutes?" Not sure how well that will work but at least I will get a kick out of saying it. 

A choice between cider vinegar and red wine vinegar was given for this recipe, and I decided to use a little of each. The truth is that I had a slurp of apple cider vinegar left in the cupboard that I feared might live there forever if I didn't use it up tonight.  Red wine vinegar I go through like it is going out of fashion. Apple cider vinegar not so much.

All going well this is looking like being quite a productive week in my little kitchen so watch this space! 

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