Sunday, April 29, 2012

155/656 - Maggie Beer's barbecued kangaroo with anchovy vinaigrette and soft polenta

What an impressive name for a Sunday night dinner at home! I usually leave the kangaroo cooking to Trev, but thoroughly enjoyed doing it myself tonight using Stephanie's directions and my trusty stopwatch. 45 seconds each side in a hot pan, 2 minutes each side in a raging hot oven and then 5 minutes rest. 

The meat turned out beautifully, very rare, which is how we like to eat our kangaroo. The polenta was magically smooth and wonderfully cheesy and the vinaigrette added the most incredible flavour to the meat. It was a sour and salty little dressing which included my two favourite salty things; anchovies and capers.

I realise it's not a very humble thing to do, but when my plate had been wiped clean, I declared this meal to be one of the best I had eaten in a long time. 

Lucky for me the family agreed.

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