Monday, April 9, 2012

147/656 - Quail eggs in coconut sauce

How cute are quail eggs! 

We picked up these little beauties on the weekend at Yarra Valley Game Meats who have the most amazing range of products. The minimum purchase was two dozen eggs so apart from the few that we could not resist eating, I decided to dramatically increase the egg to sauce ratio in this recipe. 

The first step was to boil the eggs and interestingly I could not find cooking times for quail eggs in my Cook's Companion. Of course I found the info on the web (5min boiling compared to 8min for a chook egg) but am wondering if this information might have been included in the new "rainbow" version of the book. It is of course possible that I just missed it so would be happy to hear from anybody who can find it in either one. 

I used some of my lovely fried coconut in this sauce, along with onion, tomato (seeded and peeled), a very Indian array of spices (heaven) and coconut milk. The smell of the sauce cooking took me back to the early days of my marriage when I went through an extraordinarily long spell of preparing Indian food on an almost daily basis. I am still quite partial to Indian food but prefer a wider variety in my diet nowadays. 

I will definitely make this again and think I might even give it a go with chicken eggs given that we have them on tap at our place. Whether it be a disaster or a success I will be sure to add a post script to share the result.

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