Tuesday, April 10, 2012

148/656 - Grilled spiced Indian quail with fried coconut

So I have finally had a go at grilling dainty little quail.

I was quite surprised at how robust these little birds were, finding it easier than expected to separate the skin from the breast. The lovely smelling spice paste was rubbed under the skin, all over the fleshy side and finally over the wee little legs. 

The birds took only 9 minutes to grill, talk about fast food! I skipped the boning step because we were really hungry and scattered some of my lovely fried coconut over the toasty birds. Ten minutes later we had devoured this tasty little entrée. 

In my opinion the meat tasted a bit like duck but nowhere near as fatty. This of course means that quail has now jumped to a very lofty position on my list of favourite things to eat. Cooked the Stephanie way of course!

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