Thursday, April 5, 2012

145/656 - Popcorn

Popcorn means several things to me; going to the movies, lolly gobble bliss bombs (which I actually haven't eaten in years) and a really cool song that was big when I was small.

Tonight I made popcorn the Stephanie way and it was quite a different experience. There were two choices to be made when making this recipe and it was all about the seasoning. Olive oil or butter? Cayenne pepper or cumin seeds? 

I chose the oil and the seeds.

The olive oil was lovely and of course healthier than butter in it's raw form, and I liked the cumin seed flavour, although more would have been nice. The boys absolutely loved popcorn done this way which was not at all a part of my late night snacking plan.

Sadly for them their pilfering has left me hungry and I have spent the last half hour searching for their Easter eggs. I am not sure what is worse, stealing Easter presents from my children* or the fact that my husband knows well enough to hide them from me.

*Fortunately for my children my searching proved fruitless. And eggless. 

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