Sunday, April 8, 2012

146/656 - Fried coconut

I am preparing to embark on a journey filled with all things quail. In preparation, I have made this incredible smelling concoction which will adorn both my quail eggs and my first ever grilled quail. 

Who knew coconut could smell so good? And I am not even hungry after stuffing myself silly with fat, juicy goat sausages from the lovely Ken at Yarra Valley Game Meats who we visited yesterday as a part of our family foodie day trip.   

This gorgeous smelling pile of coconut was fried with garlic, spring onion, coriander and freshly ground cumin and should last for about a week. I have already boiled and peeled my quail eggs ready for the next recipe but after a day of egg hunting (Easter eggs that is) I am wondering if it might be time to test out some of our wine purchases instead. 

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