Sunday, April 22, 2012

153/656 - Washday pudding

Oh what a fabulous way to end the week!

I bought myself a pudding tin a few weeks ago and have been dying to try it out. Imagine my disappointment when I tried to drop it into my largest saucepan tonight, only to find it didn't fit! In the end I managed to tip it in sideways with one of the pesky wide handles pointing downwards, deep in the water.  

I assumed that the pudding would only cook on one side due to my lopsided steaming effort and so was very pleased to find the pudding evenly steamed. Learning for the day; puddings are foolproof!

The honey sauce I made earlier was nice and thick by the time the pudding was steamed, and turned out to be a lovely topping, teamed with a few dollops of thick cream for good measure. 

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