Saturday, April 14, 2012

149/656 - Rabbit with prunes

When we cook wild rabbit I always feel like we are doing our bit for the environment, supporting the eradication of the little pests. That is until I read that rabbit shooters would need to snare approximately 150 million rabbits each year to begin to reduce the size of the population. Not sure that my thrice annual wild rabbit purchase is going to make a whole lot of difference there!

This revelation, however, does not change the amount I enjoy eating a well cooked Flopsy. I loved this recipe, the generous amount of bacon, the meat of course, but most of all the prunes which were always going to taste divine after soaking in French brandy and a hefty glug of Shiraz. 

I did not serve this on mashed potato as was suggested, but all the better for my family. I reserved rather than served most of the juices which means rabbit risotto for Sunday lunch. 

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