Saturday, April 28, 2012

154/656 - Garlic prawns

I experienced mixed emotions when I first realised that our eldest child had developed a love of seafood to match my own. On one hand I was proud that he was adventurous enough to eat virtually anything that came out of the ocean, regardless of its appearance. On the other hand I became acutely aware of the extra little pair of hands grabbing for the last crayfish leg or marinated octopus.

Needless to say, Henry was at the table, sleeves pulled up and fork at the ready when these garlicky little babies came out of the oven. It might seem amazing that I have only just cooked this simple recipe. The truth is I have gone to cook this many times and am always gazumped at the first step, which is to marinate the garlic in oil overnight. I can never wait that long!

We enjoyed the marinade on this dish so much we threw it over the chicken that is busily barbecuing itself for our main course enjoyment. 


  1. I think this is why I dont have children - I couldnt give up my last prawn.
    T x

  2. Miss T I think you are on to something! People warned me about sleep deprivation but the seafood deprivation came as quite a shock x