Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Stats and progress to date

Sometimes it's nice to stop in the middle of a project, stand back a little with your thumb in the air and check how things are travelling

I am a lover of stats and I like to share this love with others. Ad nauseam. So instead of another cooking adventure, today I share with you my progress...stats style! 

To date I have..
  • ...not yet broken the back of the basics chapter, with only 6 of 22 recipes completed
  • ...completely cooked my way through 2 chapters out of 114 (rabbit and bread, in that order!)
  • ...cooked at least one recipe from 78 of these 114 chapters 
  • ...cooked of the 15 recipes that have the word "simple" or simplest" in the title
  • ...13 chapters that are almost complete, with only 1 recipe left to make
  • ...made 11 of the 23 beautiful sweet cakes. Loving that there are still 12 to bake!
  • ...not yet repeated 3 of the 9 recipes that I had already cooked pre-challenge. I can't believe I had only cooked 9 recipes, what a wasted book it was back then.
  • ...cooked, enjoyed and blogged about 193 out of 656 recipes (I still have one sneaky recipe from last weekend that has not yet been written about!)
So there it is, boring but true. I have no idea if these stats are interesting to anybody other than myself but on the upside, writing this kept me amused and out of trouble for at least 30 minutes.


  1. Wow you've cooked a lot and still have so many to go! I admire your persistence. Are you leaving all the trickiest ones to the end? Probably not cos some of the ones you've already done have been very involved, to say the least. All the best. Wendy :-)

    1. To be honest I think I would rather finish on a few tricky and special recipes than a string of boring ones! Having said that there is no real's much more fun that way x

  2. You make two very good points :-)