Friday, September 28, 2012

200/656 - Pecan pie

Recipe number 200, how fabulous is that!  

I am thrilled to have achieved this milestone with a dessert that we all absolutely adored. Of course the kids could not work out why Trev and I were so amused by the name of this pie until I showed them the clip from the movie. Of course if you were born before 1985 you did not need to click that link to know which movie I was talking about!

I made a special trip to the South Melbourne market for the pecans but other than that I had all of the ingredients in the pantry. When I put the filling together it was very wobbly which I am starting to get quite a complex about! What on earth is it with me and wobbly fillings?!

As per the soupy cheesecake I had to cover this in foil and extend the cooking time until I felt the filling had firmed up to a reasonable point. 

We ate this with vanilla ice cream and it was so good that when I suggested I might take a few pieces in to work Henry looked at me in absolute horror. So my colleagues missed out this time, but my family were very proud to "partake of my pecan pie". Funny voices and all.

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