Sunday, September 2, 2012

191/656 - Panzanella

Bread in salad. I will admit I needed convincing.  

It is always an interesting experiment, testing out an unfamiliar recipe when catering for guests. It is even more interesting when you do not necessarily have faith it will work!

The first step to this salad was to break the bread apart and sprinkle it with some water. I confess I did not actually do this. As I was chopping the tomatoes I realised they had such an incredible amount of juice I decided to use this to soften my bread instead. 

Not only was the bread absolutely fabulous in this salad, but it also created a really interesting texture; soft sponges filled with lovely juices, working beautifully alongside the crunchy bits. I briefly considered halving the amount of olive oil in the dressing but as I tentatively poured, I realised that as usual Stephanie is a lady who knows what she is talking about. It really was quite a big salad and of course there was all that lovely bread in there waiting to be doused! 

Everybody loved the salad and amusingly the bread was my favourite element! That and the basil. Loved the basil. 

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