Thursday, August 30, 2012

190/656 - Simple country terrine

Second out of the blocks for my requested recipes was the simple country terrine. Aptly named, this really was so very easy to put together. 

Henry has been obsessed with the liver chapter in this book for some time now. I have been hearing a lot of, "When will you be buying some liver Mum?" and, "Which liver recipe are you going to do first mum?" Needless to say Henry was THRILLED to learn that the terrine was to have a generous handful of chicken livers thrown in. So the new question last week was, "Are you sure we will be able to TASTE the liver in there Mum?" I know I say it a lot, but I am so proud of my gastronomically adventurous children! At least I can be fairly sure they won't be taking their girlfriends on a first date to Maccas.  

I had the choice between chicken and rabbit to put in this carnivores dream of a terrine (along with the chicken livers and pork belly) and I could not resist choosing rabbit, knowing the flavour would be so much richer.  Once the liver had been cooked (until it had just stiffened, who knew that was the gauge for nicely cooked liver?) and the onions stewed, I basically had to stuff everything together in my Nan's gorgeous terrine press. 

With piles of fatty, yummy meat inside, and a few other bits of course, the terrine was then baked in the oven in a dangerous little water bath*. Then it was on with the specially designed clamp and into the fridge for a night of cooling. 

How many ways can one eat a terrine? As a tasty (meaty) entrée, spread on a pizza or chopped up through a garden salad. You name it, I tried it. Every one was a winner, made especially wonderful due to the amazing taste of the liver! I am not sure if the success of this terrine will satisfy Henry's yearning for offal, or spark a flurry of new requests. 

Only time will tell.  

*Not dangerous to most but I fear it's only a matter of time before one of these ends up all over my legs on its way out of the oven. Creative I am, co-ordinated I am not.

This terrine press was made for my grandmother by a friend 
who worked in a foundry. We have never seen another one like it, and it has 
become one of those special heirlooms now treasured by the cooks in my family.


  1. It looks beautiful. I definitely need to try this one. Love the terrine press and love the fact your boys are adventurous with their food.

    1. Thanks! Glad you are going to try it too. I can see this one being repeated here quite soon x