Sunday, August 19, 2012

186/656 - Twice-cooked zucchini soufflés

We have friends with whom we share a very special bond and in many ways they feel like an extended part of our little family. Given that we are too busy with our respective families to catch up on Christmas day, we decided to create a special day in the middle of the year that is completely focussed on our merged family of eight. It is not about presents (although amusingly we all spent the day wishing one another Merry Christmas!) but is definitely all about eating, laughing and bonding as only a made up family can. 

Zucchini soufflés were just one of my contributions to the table at this years celebration. I was able to perform the first cooking at home the night before which meant all I had to do on the day was douse my little puffy friends in cream and throw them back in the oven for a second cooking. A perfect dish that can be pre-prepared and so easily heated to perfection just as you need them! 

These were a winner for three reasons; They tasted creamy and wonderful, were a snap to make, and of course I just loved announcing the arrival of a twice-cooked soufflé because there is nothing better than a dish that impresses before it even hits the table. 


  1. Yum, they sound good. Zucchini, butter, cream and cheese, what more could you want? :)

    1. They were very special. Definitely an indulgence!