Friday, August 24, 2012

188/656 - Caramelised carrot

As mentioned in my last post it was a pizza kind of weekend for us.* I thought I would go out on a limb and whip up some caramelised carrot which may sound weird, but I added some chorizo to the equation which I am confident turned what could have been a slightly off the wall concept into a very acceptable pizza topping

Stephanie recommended mortadella sausage as an optional extra to the caramelised carrots, and I would have complied had I been inclined to leave the house. But I was feeling very, very lazy and we are a chorizo kind of family and rarely run out of the stuff, so chorizo it was. I was very happy with the outcome and it seems my guests were too! Only one pizza sitting was required to polish this lot off. 

Carrots on pizza. What on earth will I get away with next? 

*I guess I am now "outed" as to how long it takes me to post my achievements!  Although I assume people are not too surprised to hear that most of my cooking actually occurs on weekends...

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