Sunday, August 5, 2012

182/656 - Italian black olive paste

I think that maybe Stephanie was ahead of her time when she wrote this book, correctly predicting the delight that whip-up concoctions such as this would provide to people in this modern era of instant gratification. 

Prior to making this paste I had baked a loaf of bread which, having made so many, I can now just about do with my eyes closed. On this occasion however I might have done well to open them just a little bit because my gorgeous, fluffy, seed-dotted loaf came out of the oven looking spectacular, but was in fact disastrously devoid of salt.

For those who have not had the misfortune of eating saltless bread, I have only one thing to say. Don't do it! Bland, bland, bland, even in the case of my gorgeous signature loaf which is packed with seeds and herbs. The shimmering silver lining to this little black tasteless cloud was gorgeously salty Italian black olive paste! Once the disastrous bread had been toasted and slathered with this tasty purple paste my little accident was rescued and my new favourite snack was born. 

As well as being great on toast, this would also be wonderful served on a cheese platter or atop a lovely bowl of pasta. 

Bellissimo indeed.


  1. Hi, I am new to your post and must say I am enjoying reading about your challenge. I also own this book but have no used it much. You are definitely inspiring me to pull it off the shelf and get more serious about. Happy cooking.

  2. Hi Pam - I am so pleased you have been inspired to have another look through your copy. It's amazing how many people have this book but do not use it! I would love to hear what you decide to cook first x

  3. Hi again Kate, I have read all the way back through your blog and have now caught up! I have the rainbow version of the book and in answer to your question way back in April re the quail eggs... Yes, there are instructions on how to cook them on page 422 of the egg section. :)
    Just wondering how you decide what you are going to cook next? Do you have a plan or is it a random choice?

  4. Hi Cookin’Oz. That’s some impressive reading! Thanks for answering my question from April. I am considering an upgrade to the rainbow version as I hear there have been quite some improvements, including cooking times for quail eggs it seems! In answer to your question, there is no real method to my recipe selection. I certainly pull out the book when I have a particular need to fill (dinner guests, special occasions etc) but my next recipe often comes from flipping through the pages and stopping at something that takes my fancy. Or sometimes I am lucky enough to stumble upon an unusual ingredient and away I go! It’s definitely an art and not a science x