Thursday, August 16, 2012

185/656 - Middle Eastern cauliflower fritters

I know I said I rarely deep fry...yet here we are again!

I had to laugh at the fact that the recipe for these fritters was very, very short and yet somehow I managed to take FOREVER to make these! I was feeling rather lazy and so I thermomixed, rather than grated the cauliflower. In my defence I doubled the recipe and so the thought of manually grating loads of cauliflower was way too much for me given that this was yet another late night cooking session. 

It's always difficult getting the amounts right for recipes such as these. I underestimated the size of my vegetables and used three heads of cauliflower instead of two, which turned out to be quite some way from being correct. In the end I left a pile of it out (Muff's soup anybody?) and added an additional egg to help bind my mixture together. When rolling the fritters I found there was a tricky little balance between a ball that was too wet, and one that was too dry and falling apart.  

Once my balls were rolled (not too wet, not too dry!) I decided they needed some time in the fridge so that I could be confident they would not break apart when fried. I left them in overnight and was thrilled to find that they were quite firm and fried perfectly the next day. As well as being a fabulously yummy little snack that was enjoyed by adults and children alike, I discovered they were also wonderful spread on hot toast.  

Another fabulous success but maybe the last of the fried food for just a little while. 


  1. These sound interesting and if you can get kids to eat them it's even better! I wonder if you could try shallow frying them in less oil to make them a bit healthier? Did you use the chickpea flour in your version?

    1. Hi Tracey, no doubt a shallow fry would be a healthier option, although very occasionally I like to dance with the devil and enjoy a bit of a deep fry! If you give the shallow frying a go I would love to hear how they turn out. I did use chickpea flour in my version, freshly ground in my thermomix.