Sunday, December 16, 2012

219/656 - Tom Yam Goong/Sour prawn soup

I am officially one third of the way through the book, hurrah!! Apart from Stephanie, I wonder if I might now own the most well used copy of The Cook's Companion. An amazing thought!

I made this soup on what was quite a hot day. An interesting choice given that it was a hot meal in more ways than one, with 10 fresh chillies and two teaspoons of chilli paste in there! The only change I made to the recipe was deciding not to leave the heads on the prawns. This was a decision that promised less mess at the dinner table and so while the soup was not as pretty to look at, I think the decision was a good one 

Jules is not usually fabulous with hot food, but on this night he jumped in boots and all. There was a testosterone fuelled discussion between the boys over dinner regarding whose mouth was burning more and of course who was best at handling the heat. When Jules saw the picture of the soup on my screen he said, "That's the soup that made me like chilli!"   

Music to the ears of a mother who loves a bit of heat in her food. Bring on the vindaloo. 


  1. Kate, you are AMAZING! WOW what a challenge, and I know the cook book, it has sat in my kitchen cupboard for years... gathering dust! I am the worst cook... my hubby is the BEST cook! But I have learnt to boil eggs recently, I've been taking cooking classes at Jamie Olivers school here in Geelon, it's great! If you're down this way pop in and cook for me any time you like! Cheers Chey

    1. Thanks Chey! Best of luck with the cooking classes x