Friday, September 11, 2015

472/1038 - Crêpes

Last night I decided to do something a little different. We love a good bolognese in this house and I thought I might whip one up and pair it with some crêpes for a bit of a treat. Amusingly I got the idea from a meal I had at The Pancake Parlour circa 1990! 

I do enjoy playing with the ingredients and making my bolognese taste just a little different each time. As a result of my many bolognese experiments, I have come to the following conclusions;

   a) chorizo has a more interesting flavour than bacon
   b) you can hide any vegetables you like in there and diners would be none the wiser
   c) bolognese is versatile (think pies, pasta, lasagne, crêpes, timpana etc.)
   d) the flavour can be corrected no matter how badly you mess it up
   e) when you need to correct the flavour, sauces are your friend
   f) slow cooking is best for a more complex flavour
   g) bolognese always, always tastes better the next day

I outdid myself and made a fabulous version last night, loaded with chorizo and heated slightly with two chilli sauces from the Darwin Chilli Co; sweet chilli and barbecue. For the benefit of our health I also added a heap of sliced brussels sprouts and mushrooms. 

The crêpes were a lovely addition to our meal, but it took me a while to get them to cook correctly! For someone who has made more batches of pancakes and pikelets than I can count, this surprised me greatly. This was, of course, until I realised I was cooking on the electric burner which had been on for hours and was already raging hot. Once I cooled things down, we were away! No harm done, I had two boys happy gobbling up mangled crêpes as fast as I could cook them.  

As well as tasting great, the bonus of the night for me was seeing the surprised expressions on the boys' faces when I announced we would be having crêpes for dinner. Granted we were not having them with maple syrup and ice-cream, but they were thrilled just the same.

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