Wednesday, September 9, 2015

471/1038 - Sweet ricotta fritters (baked, not fried...)

With a kilo of ricotta to hand I decided to double this recipe, knowing my boys would be happy to devour the same dessert for a few days running if required. Once the batter was mixed and I realised just how much of it I had, I just couldn't bring myself to head down the deep frying path.

While I do try my very best to stay true to Cook's Companion recipes, I have been known to bake rather than fry recipes on a number of occasions in the name of health.

This was one of those occasions.

I poured the mixture into ramekins, muffin tins and mini muffin tins and baked them at 180°C, removing each tray when the "fritters" were firm, puffy and brown.

When I first mentioned that I would be making these, my eldest was disgusted, calling me crazy for wanting to put cheese into a dessert. Once I reminded him that cheesecake was one of his favourite things, his revulsion quickly subsided. 

These fritters actually did taste a bit like very dense, baked cheesecakes and I am pleased to report that they are disappearing at a rapid rate. My extended family, the recipients of a little fritter care package, also gave these a big thumbs up.

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