Monday, August 31, 2015

470/1038 - Buckwheat and currant bread rolls

After a brief hiatus from my regular bread making activities, I decided I would return with a bang and bake a batch that was a little different. 

I loved that I made this recipe entirely in the thermomix, reducing time, mess and energy. First the buckwheat went in to be ground to a flour and then in went the rest of the ingredients. Kneading was completed with the push of a button after which I left the dough in the bowl to rest for an hour. 

Once the hour of resting was up, it was another button push for the final knead and then a bit of manual labour as I split the dough into sixteen balls. I will confess that I weighed my dough and divided the total weight by sixteen so that as I rolled each ball I knew it would be the correct size. It may seem pedantic, but when it comes to baking, attention to detail can be the difference between sixteen evenly baked rolls and a pile of uneven rolls, some of which are too big and undercooked and the remainder too small and burnt through.  

The rolls were painted with coffee before the final prove and I was fascinated to see how this would affect the final taste. As it turned out, the flavour was lovely and subtle and not at all coffee flavoured. The paint job also helped the rolls to emerge from the oven beautifully brown. 

As I write this, I am aware that five of the sixteen rolls have already disappeared, so I am going to call that a convincing win! x

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